timber floorboards

The timber floorboards are now very common. They have taken over all the other types of flooring. Traditionally, the stones tiles were used for flooring. The good thing about floor tile is their durability and natural feel. But they are not suitable for every area in the building, also they are quite expensive and labour intensive. Whereas the timber floorboards have become popular because of their affordability and ease in maintenance. The other advantages of timber floorboards that comes in the number of material and colour options are abundant. You can say that you will get the right designs and styles for every type of location in the building. They can be a perfect fit for the kitchen, living rooms and also installable in outdoors. The flexibility of the timber floorboard repair has made them the number one choice for flooring.

 But like all other materials and options, not everything is perfect of timber floorboards. They are ideal for most of the area but is susceptible to moisture, which can damage the boards. Also, they are prone to scratches and gouges. So, whenever you want to install timber floorboards, following factors needs to be considered like traffic, load on the floor and area utility. The good thing about timber floorboard’s is that once damaged or scratch, they can easily be repaired. The repair of timber floorboards can be done on a DIY basis. For repair of timber floorboards, you don’t need any specialized tools or chemicals. The tools or chemicals required for repair of timber floorboards can easily be available in any hardware store. Here are a few tips that will help you in the repair of timber floorboards.

  • Right Selection: This very important in the context of timber floorboards. It’s not that it will prevent any damage or scratches on the floorboards but selecting the right type of floorboards will minimize both, respectively. If you will be using the hardwood at heavy traffic rea, they have the strength to bear the load and better resistant to damages. Also, if you will be using timber floorboards in an area that is near waterbody or have high moisture. It will be damaged. This means selecting the right board will reduce the cost of repair of timber floorboards. 
  • For Scratches: The scratches can be caused due to many reasons like grit on shoes, pet movement or object dropping on the floor. The best solution is to use recommended scratch remover solutions. Every timber floorboard has recommended list of scratch removing solution. You need to do little research so that you select the right one
  • Wear-off Effect: With time and heavy traffic, the timber floorboards will worn-off. Instead of replacing at the first instant, it is better to go for sanding of the floorboard. The sanding will be removing the upper layer. Always sand-off the complete board, so it will be giving natural look, matching to other floorboards. As these wear spots will be frequent and replacing the worn-off boards will not be the solution, every time.