Pest Control

The economy stability depends upon their production. Agriculture plays an important role to stabilize the economy or state of a country. It is considered as the backbone of the state. It increases employment in the country.   It includes food, wood, and livestock. It is a patch of the earth which is fixed for sowing seed, fertilizer the soil, raises crops and livestock. Only 30% of the earth is the land where the people have to make building, offices, schools, hospitals, their other workplaces and the last which is very important is to cultivate the land to fulfil its food requirements. In a small patch of the land, it is important to make the land cultivable so that it can produce food and the other raw materials for the man. Nearly 70% of the population in developing countries rely on agriculture. It is a great source of foreign exchange. The exportation of tea, coffee, herbs, herbal oils and, tobacco give great benefit to the economy. As we know, it is the backbone of the country so extreme care is also important for their development and makes it profitable. In the developing countries, Agriculture depends upon the rainwater, any loss of rainfall can destroy the whole hard work rather the best seed had been used in the process. Another hazard is the attack of the pests. Pest inspection and pest control waurn ponds should be in under check so that we can get the prospective profit.

What is a pest?

Pest is a Latin word derived from the ‘PASTIE’ which means a plague. It may be an insect, animal, or fungus that can destroy spore during spore formation, eat them as food or eat the soil minerals. It can destroy the whole stock of the field if it is not controlled or checked by the farmers. 

Animal as a pest:

It includes grasshopper, locusts and the other birds which can turn the developing ovary and ripened ovary. Locusts are considered as the bad omen for the crops. They attacked the crops as a swarm of bees. The trees were heavenly loaded with them and they did not leave the plant unless they are uprooted. The attack of the grasshopper also causes a great loss. It eats the leaves of the plants and if he reproduces, their larvae can spread disaster.

Plants as a pest:

The plants are not recognized as the pest. Any plant which can distress the growth of the neighbouring plant, it may be considered as a pest for it. It also includes weeds. For example, Bermuda grass is grown in the lawn but it becomes a weed when it is grown in the field with other plants, it disturbs the growth of the neighbouring plants and it starts a competition between them

Pest Control is mandatory for the proper growth of the crops. It can be controlled by pest inspection. It regulates the number of insecticides, monitoring crops and technique used to make them pest resistance

These pests are inspected by the pest control in lara authority. The team regulates its growth and maintain a balance for plant growth. An experienced and licensed pest inspector maintains its pest control.